A2: new (kid-friendly!) gluten-free cafe

There is a game-changing restaurant in St. Louis. A2 is a gluten- and casein-free cafe. When we told our daughter that we were going to a restaurant where she could order anything she wanted from the entire menu, she almost fainted from shock and joy. She is seven; have I mentioned that?

She chose pizza because…well, pizza. Except, with all due respect to the owners Audra and Audrey who I love for opening this place, this stuff shouldn’t be called pizza. It’s just not pizza. It’s a cooked dough topped with sauce and cheese, sure, but it’s not pizza. The dough is reminiscent of a thick, crumbly paste that was baked just enough to make it edible. Skip the pizza here…

…but come for the sandwiches, salads, drinks and baked goods! These ladies have hit the mark with the breads, scones, and dairy-free brownies. I got the Monte Cristo, which is French Toast Loaf (read: cinnamony goodness) around turkey, bacon, an egg (the egg isn’t listed on the menu but came on my sandwich and everything is better with an egg). It’s drizzled with local honey. My son’s grilled cheese on a baguette was soft of the inside and crackly on the outside, just like a baguette should be. The cabbage slaw is crisp, fresh, and tangy. The Italian Soda was on point.

I was so excited I forgot to take pictures until we were almost through. But as you can see from the one I did snap, they have a kids’ menu and crayons. We even got vanilla scones to take home and have for breakfast the next day, and they actually taste like scones, people. For reals. Delicious.

A2 is at 1330 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO 63103 — 314.266.3225




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Kdrama and musical theatre fan; mom of a girl with Celiac and a boy with a sweet tooth; food writer and editor published in Feast magazine, Louisiana Cookin', mental_floss online, and G magazine.

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