Who Are We?

Hi, we’re Shannon and Jackie, neighbors and friends who cook for fun and function: both Jackie and Shannon’s daughter Aury can’t eat gluten. Aury has Celiac Disease (www.celiac.org) and Jackie has a gluten sensitivity. Both are real gastrointestinal disorders, and their diet is not a weight-loss fad but a necessary way of life.

Both of us were hobby home cooks before the gluten issues: we loved making food. When we found out we’d have to drastically change the way we cook, it was devastating. Shannon was a weekly bread maker, and she had to give that up. Cooking without gluten seemed overwhelming at first, but after a while, both of us learned how to have fun with food despite the changes we had to make.

As we learned how to cook and eat without gluten, we realized a lot of the blogs and free information out there was missing pointers that we had to learn the hard way. We hope to fill in all the holes, so the rest of you don’t have to make the mistakes: we made them for you!

If you have ideas for blog posts, please email us at contact.alittlebitofthis@gmail.com.


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Kdrama and musical theatre fan; mom of a girl with Celiac and a boy with a sweet tooth; food writer and editor published in Feast magazine, Louisiana Cookin', mental_floss online, and G magazine.

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